25th April 2023

They did it! WM Brokers David and Matt complete the London Marathon, raising over £4,500 for charity

They did it! WM Brokers David McGowan and Matt Scutcher complete the London Marathon, raising over £4,500 for charity.

David and Matt have successfully completed the London Marathon, crossing the finish line in 4 hrs 52 minutes.

They have both worked extremely hard on their training in the lead up to the event and have between them managed to raise over £4,500 for the Helen Rollason Cancer Charity.

We interviewed David and Matt the day after the marathon to see how they were feeling and how they felt the day went.

Well done both of you, what a fantastic achievement. How did you both feel just before you approached the starting line?

David – A little nervous, but mostly excited to get going.

Matt – Yes, mostly excited with a mix of nervousness

What would you say was the best and worst parts of the run?

David – The crowds were amazing, shouting our names as we ran along, giving us high fives and sweets. If it was not for the support we would not have done as well as we did,  or perhaps even finished the marathon, it really was so encouraging and kept us going. For me the worst part was the last 4 miles when my knee was going and Matt’s hip was going. We really ground out those last couple of miles.

Matt – It was amazing to be running past running past the Cutty Sark, on Tower Bridge etc., but seeing my wife and children was the best bit by far and really spurred me on. The worst bit for me was the last two miles, I had to dig very deep!

You did so well, how did you feel when you finally crossed the finish line?

David – Relieved, emotional, happy and very sore!

Matt – Absolutely exhausted but very proud.

What was your time for completing the marathon and is it what you had hoped?

David –  We were hoping for 4hrs 30mins but ended up at 4hrs 52, to be honest under 5 hours was brilliant, especially if you had seen the state of us at the end.

Matt – Yes, 4 hours 52 minutes which we were really pleased with. I had personally hoped for 4 hours 40, so was not too far out.

You did the marathon for charity which is wonderful. How much money did you raise?

David – Between us we raised over £4,500 which we are really pleased with, we are  are very thankful to all who contributed. It kept us really motivated and really pushed us through those painful moments!

Why did you choose to run for the Helen Rollason Cancer Charity?

Matt – We ran for them because they are an amazing charity. Other cancer charities raise money to help find a cure, the Helen Rollason charity is different, they raise money to help give support, therapies and also a community for those going through cancer. The charity concentrates on the “caring” side of looking after people, not only for those with cancer but for support for their families and loved ones too.

Finally, it is maybe too soon to ask this question, but would you do it again?

David – Nope

Matt – I don’t think so, but my son mentioned that he would like to do it in the future and that would be a nice thing to do with him, so who knows!

Thank you David and Matt, the whole team here at WM Brokers are so proud of you.

It’s not too late to sponsor them, if you would like to make a donation to either Matt or David for the Helen Rollason Cancer Charity please see the links to the Just Giving pages below.



About the Helen Rollason Cancer Charity

Founded in 1999, the charity is the legacy of BBC broadcaster Helen Rollason and is dedicated to supporting people whose lives are touched by cancer. Helen Rollason Cancer Charity is dedicated to supporting people whose lives are touched by cancer. They support men and women with all types of cancer at all stages – whether newly diagnosed or longer-term, throughout treatment and after treatment is completed. All of their locations provide a welcoming and relaxing environment where people living with cancer can go – with their families, friends and carers – to talk through any concerns or just a friendly chat. Their clients can have therapies that work together with their medical treatment and reduce stress. They offer a range of extra, beneficial activities and groups ranging from Pilates, Art and Craft Groups, Look Good Feel Better Workshops, Yoga, Mindfulness and Support Groups. To find out more about this amazing charity, please visit – https://www.helenrollason.org.uk/

“Good quality of life while coping with cancer is the most important gift a sick person can receive. It should be available to everyone.”

– Helen Rollason​ MBE